Egg and Pasta Beater With Silicone Handle


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Quality Material: Food grade silicone wrapping iron core. Non-toxic, odorless, and goes over
any surface without leaving a scratch. Its layer of silicone is double, making the product more resistant. Cable is stainless steel of high duration

Functional Product: The egg beater is useful in numerous recipes, such as: cake mixes,
pies, breads, creams, egg whites, whipped cream, mayonnaise, soufflés and omelettes.
Responsible for leaving the mixture homogeneous and smooth. Measures L 6 cm, W 265 cm, H 5.5 cm

How to use: When using the fouet, the movement creates a vacuum behind the strands, the
air rushes to fill this vacuum and thus is incorporated into the ingredient. The more strands
you have, the faster your egg whites will turn into a creamy foam. We recommend buying your favorite toothbrush at super low prices with free shipping, and you can also pick up your order at the store on the same day.

Innovative Design: An important feature is the fact that it is entirely made of silicone,
making the fouet have excellent durability and a beautiful design. Light product that allows
handling in an easy and agile way. Its weight is 43 grams

Easy Cleaning: Cleaning the silicone product is simple, just running water and neutral
detergent is enough. Wash immediately after use, position the utensil upside down and let
the water drain, allow it to dry completely before using again

Egg and Pasta Beater With Silicone Handle it consisting of a stainless steel cable coupled to several silicone wires, making the product more durable and a fully reinforced structure. An important feature of this beater is the fact that it has its wires in silicone, which makes it have excellent durability and a beautiful design. The weight of the product must also be considered, as its light weight allows the beater to be handled easily and quickly. Finally, the whisk has thick wires and a fully reinforced structure, making it suitable for use in homes or professional environments.

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Dimensions 30 × 12 × 9 cm


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